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We have had first hand experience with thunder storm anxiety with our big dog(80#). The poor guy, who is now close to 9yrs old, condition has slowly gotten worse with age. He would start pacing, panting and drooling, becoming total unglued as the thunder would start. Our veterinary gave him Trazadone. This worked but, we then had zombie dog. His eye would droop looking bloodshot, he would lay on his bed barely coherent. Then the worse side-effect would hit, looking like an asthma attack or a reverse sneeze, he would be grasping to catch his breath. This terrible side-effect would continue for the next 12hours. It was very disturbing. When we discovered CBD Dog treats it was like having a new dog. We quickly learned to give him the CBD Pet tincture as soon as we knew a storm was coming. Doing this has kept him calm during storms without all the side-effects. What a difference. Being a fairly large dog, we learned the Pet Drops and Tincture are the best choice for dosing. The Treats work well but, are not as cost effective.

Tinctures and drops are normally dose around 1 to 5 mg per 10pounds. When giving your pet CBD products it would be advised to monitor their behavior and adjust the dose according. As with people, it is recommend to start Low and go Slow. Each pet’s reaction will be individual to their needs. Pets that are dealing with pain or an acute situation may need a more frequent dosing, while other may only need a daily dosing.

There are a wide variety of pet products on the market. Treats, Drops, Tinctures other types of products are Shampoo, Ear Drops and Nano-mist Spray

Here’s a listed of some of common uses for CBD in pets can be:

Arthritis Pain and discomfort
Seizure Disorders
Pain associated with Cancer
Anxiety from Thunder storms & loud noises, Car rides, and Separation.
Loss of Appetite, Nausea, grumpiness and aggression.