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Urbal Activ Balm


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Hemp Body Balm 100mg (1oz) $49.99
Extra Strength Body Balm 200mg (1oz) $85.00
On the go Body Balm 12mg $9.99

99.5% Pure Ultra-high Performance Organic CBD Extract Formulated For Active Lifestyles, Fast-acting, All-Natural, Organic: 1oz

Our unique Ultra-High Performance CBD Extract-infused body balm is designed to be fast-acting and twice the strength of our original time-release body balm.

When applied to the skin, this time-release topical balm containing 200mg of lipid encapsulated CBD extract delivers soothing relief quickly, effectively, and 100% naturally. Our proprietary formulation utilizes essential oils and botanical extracts designed to enhance the powerful effects of CBD extract. Enjoy natural citrus and essential oil scents.

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. This product is not approved or regulated by the FDA.