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C Better Daily- Pet Formula Eye Drops




C Better Daily- Pet Formula Eye Drops

Size/mg: 40mg 1oz(30ml)

Description: Introducing the first Cannabidiol (CBD) product on the global market specifically formulated to deliver CBD at a cellular level to the eye.  C Better Daily ™  penetrates the cornea and retina, bringing CBD holistically into the eye. C Better Daily™ offers a harmonic blend of herbal extracts that have been used as holistic remedies for centuries.

Directions: Shake Well. Place 1 to 3 drops in eyes as needed daily. Do not touch tip of bottle against any suface to avoid contamination. Replace cap after every use. The 30ml bottle should last up to 8-12 weeks. Consult with you veterinarian before starting any new product. Discontinue use if symptoms worseness.