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The CBD market place is in a constant state of flux. From the Farm Bill to research to lab testing. All this is in a constant state of change. Making it challenging to know what is the most accurate and correct information on Cannabinoids and the Hemp industry. We feel the Farmer Bill will have a positive effect for this industry setting forth an outline of solid framework for industry standards. The CBD industry is not currently regulated by the FDA. The companies we have chosen to carry are following best business practices, third party labs testing, and have the necessary insurances in place. Bringing quality products to our customers is our mission as independent distributorship.

What we have leaned recently, is that there are some drug interactions. If you are on the medication Neurontin/Gabapentin it will block the CB receptors making the CBD products ineffective. We have also learned the medication Warfrin/Coumadin and some seizure medications may have an altered effects. Please check with your doctor should you be on any of these medication before starting any CBD products.

Additional information has show that age and weight have little to do with the how CBD works. However, level of condition be it chronic or acute may play a role in dosing. Someone that has a chronic condition may needs a higher milligram or dose of CBD for it to be effective and hit “the sweet spot”vs. someone who suffers from an occasional symptoms or condition may need a low dose or milligram. As for side-effects new information regarding higher dosing may cause tiredness, brain fog, nausea and diarrhea. CBD Isolate have a lower chance of side effects as it does not have the entourage effects of the full spectrum products. This information reinforces the Start Low Go Slow suggestion.We are here to assist you in find the right product to fit your needs.