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CBD is popping up everywhere. On the one hand this is good news, the more main stream CBD becomes the more it’s health benefits are being shared. On the other hand, every Tom, Dick and Harry selling CBD isn’t a good thing. They are selling products they know little about and have entered into the CBD space with a get rich quick thought process. It’s about their bottom line.

Everywhere you turn you find establishments adding CBD to food and drink and at a dramatically increased cost.  The FDA has not  approved CBD as an additive to food and drink at this time. Most establishments cannot inform the public on the exact amount of CBD in each drink or food item. I had a personal experience of buying a cup of coffee with CBD added.  I asked how much CBD is in this coffee. The answer I was given was, “I think we are using 350mg of CBD”. For some this may sound great, but, for myself I was confused by this answer. 350mg of CBD in one cup of coffee?  I highly doubt this is correct. The person selling me the coffee had no idea what they were selling.  If you are currently taking CBD, knowing the daily amount of CBD is important. As an educated consumer always ask, “How much CBD is in this product?”  If the person selling it to you is unable to answer this question you may want to rethink your purchase. Buying from a knowledgeable source is critical.  The  daily amount your taking is very important. Most people are taking between 5mg to 50mg of CBD daily depending on their specific health needs or goals.

There is much to be learned about the benefits of CBD and Cannabis products. This is an unregulated industry. The FDA is working with leaders in the industry to determine  how the CBD should be governed and regulated.