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It’s interesting to hear many folks share their stories about how CBD has helped with such an array of conditions and ailments. The concern is it’s being labeled “snake oil” based on incorrect information. At a recent conference on Hemp CBDs and Cannabidiol the topic was discussed. An interesting comparison to aspirin was made by Dr Nagarkatti PhD from Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). When you have a headache you can take an aspirin. A fever, again, take an aspirin. Pain, yes, take an aspirin. Doctors also recommend to take an aspirin if you think you’re having a heart attack. Aspirin has been around since 1890 and has been used for many different aliments over the years. It’s not labeled “snake oil”. The first documented use of Hemp as a medicine was in China by Emperor Shen-Nung in 2700B.C. Hemp is still used in Chinese medicine today. In the US we have limited ourselves in exploring all the health benefits of Hemp CBD due to the prohibition of Cannabis back in the 1930s. Prior to the 1930s, hemp and its medicinal uses was very prevalent similar to China.
So, to answer the question, Cure all of Snake Oil? Currently you will need to decide. We would love to hear your opinions and experiences with Hemp CBD products.