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Things you should know before you buy CBD products.

With all the attention CBD products are getting it can be confusing to know where to turn and what to buy. There are 100’s of different companies and 100’s of different types of products. More is not always better. All these choices can be very confusing and to compound things not all CBD products are created equal. Just as in other industries, there are high-quality and low-quality products and in this young and growing industry it can be difficult to know the difference. Consumers are making purchases, blindly, based on who has the best marketing strategy. Needless to say, this can lead to big problems.

The great news is the solution is simple. Education and Awareness. Some things to look for in good products.

Is there, current 3rd party lab testing which should be from a lab with ISO or ILAC accreditation. This type of report will confirm the products contain no more then 0.3% of THC(the hallucinate compound) and that it has no heavy metals or other containments.

Where is the Hemp being farmed? Some CBD brands maintain close relationships with hemp suppliers in order to ensure they use top quality hemp, others are more concerned with getting the lowest price possible and may use a distributor. Ideally, it is preferred that the hemp harvested was organically grown here in the US in one of the State pilot programs. These support superior cultivation standards, and are located by far in the best geographical locations to cultivate hemp.

Next, how was the CBD extracted? There are several ways of extraction however, CO2 is the most widely used and has the safest and delivers the purest product without risk of contaminates.

What’s the amount of CBD dosage that you’re buying? If you’re purchasing a drop or tincture it’s important to understand the dose per dropper. Most CBDs in these forms come in ml’s(milliliters) 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml are the most common. Most droppers are 1ml. So, if you take a 30ml that has 250mg of CBD you would divide the 250mg by 30 equaling 8.33 per serving/ml. This example shows is a low amount of CBD and may not hit the dosage “sweet spot” so a number of doses per day maybe needed. Knowing this information you may opt for a higher dose of CBD based on your condition. For those who do not want to take the time to calculate a dose per dropper there are CBD capsules which make CBD dosing much more convenient in 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 25mg. Knowing your dose and adjust it slowing, “start low go slow” it the best way to avoid side effects and wasting money on a higher dose that may not be needed.

The last thing you should know, does the company your buying from have a good reputation? Have you checked to see if there are consumer reviews, what are customers saying about their products, is there support for your inquiries and questions. In the days of technology, it is simple to see if this company is operating within best practices. A little leg work could save you money.

Watered Down!?!

CBD oil is similar to other products in that it is capable of being “watered down.” Some companies will try to eke out a higher profit margin by fooling their customers into thinking they’re getting more for less. It is important to pay attention to the concentration level of the CBD oil you’re buying in order to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Although concentrations of CBD can vary quite a bit across the broad range of CBD products, a quality product will start off having somewhere between 250mg to 1,000mg per fluid ounce. This matters because if you were to purchase a 4 ounce bottle that contained 250mg of CBD, your concentration would be a mere 62.5 mg of CBD per ounce – hardly enough to reap the full benefits of CBD. It’s always important to look at the concentration level of the CBD you’re buying.

If the concentration of CBD is not listed, use the following formula to help guide your purchase:

  • Total amount of CBD (in mg)/volume of container (in ounces) = concentration level
  • Example: 1,500mg CBD/4 ounce bottle = 375mg/oz

What’s in your CBD product?


The 2018 Federal Farm Bill was signed by President Trump and many people applauded this monumental day.  However, the FDA has still not ruled CBD Oil is a health food Supplement. So we are still in uncharted waters. The great news for many people wanting to try these products, is their fears may been lifted.

Folks with Type II Diabetes, are one group that may benefit from CBD products. We have heard many testimonials of the lowering of Hemoglobin A1c. This is a blood test showing the average Blood Sugar levels over a 2-3 month period of time. Doctors use this test to determine Diabetes and at what level the disease state is in.  Normal A1c is under 5.7.  Individual who are Pre-diabetic fall in between 5.7 to 6.4, and folks with a A1c of 6.5 and higher are considered Type II diabetic.

Type II Diabetes, has been associated with a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, obesity and other conditions such as Neuropathy and Diabetic foot pain.  Doctors will prescribe insulin both in oral and injectable forms to control Blood sugar. What we have been told is taking CBD Oil with traditional medication over time can lower the A1c. It may provide you the ability to decrease Diabetic medications. If you want to learn more check out, Why CBD Oil?: What the medical professional don’t want you to know. One individual’s story of CBD Oil and lowering his A1c decreased his Neuropathy pain and increased his quality of sleep. We do not recommend anyone starting a CBD product without consulting their doctor first nor, do we recommend anyone stop their medication without a doctors knowledge and supervision.  

Learning, Growing and Changing


The CBD market place is in a constant state of flux. From the Farm Bill to research to lab testing. All this is in a constant state of change. Making it challenging to know what is the most accurate and correct information on Cannabinoids and the Hemp industry. We feel the Farmer Bill will have a positive effect for this industry setting forth an outline of solid framework for industry standards. The CBD industry is not currently regulated by the FDA. The companies we have chosen to carry are following best business practices, third party labs testing, and have the necessary insurances in place. Bringing quality products to our customers is our mission as independent distributorship.

What we have leaned recently, is that there are some drug interactions. If you are on the medication Neurontin/Gabapentin it will block the CB receptors making the CBD products ineffective. We have also learned the medication Warfrin/Coumadin and some seizure medications may have an altered effects. Please check with your doctor should you be on any of these medication before starting any CBD products.

Additional information has show that age and weight have little to do with the how CBD works. However, level of condition be it chronic or acute may play a role in dosing. Someone that has a chronic condition may needs a higher milligram or dose of CBD for it to be effective and hit “the sweet spot”vs. someone who suffers from an occasional symptoms or condition may need a low dose or milligram. As for side-effects new information regarding higher dosing may cause tiredness, brain fog, nausea and diarrhea. CBD Isolate have a lower chance of side effects as it does not have the entourage effects of the full spectrum products. This information reinforces the Start Low Go Slow suggestion.We are here to assist you in find the right product to fit your needs.

Cure all or Snake oil?

It’s interesting to hear many folks share their stories about how CBD has helped with such an array of conditions and ailments. The concern is it’s being labeled “snake oil” based on incorrect information. At a recent conference on Hemp CBDs and Cannabidiol the topic was discussed. An interesting comparison to aspirin was made by Dr Nagarkatti PhD from Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). When you have a headache you can take an aspirin. A fever, again, take an aspirin. Pain, yes, take an aspirin. Doctors also recommend to take an aspirin if you think you’re having a heart attack. Aspirin has been around since 1890 and has been used for many different aliments over the years. It’s not labeled “snake oil”. The first documented use of Hemp as a medicine was in China by Emperor Shen-Nung in 2700B.C. Hemp is still used in Chinese medicine today. In the US we have limited ourselves in exploring all the health benefits of Hemp CBD due to the prohibition of Cannabis back in the 1930s. Prior to the 1930s, hemp and its medicinal uses was very prevalent similar to China.
So, to answer the question, Cure all of Snake Oil? Currently you will need to decide. We would love to hear your opinions and experiences with Hemp CBD products.

Would your pet benefit from CBD products?

We have had first hand experience with thunder storm anxiety with our big dog(80#). The poor guy, who is now close to 9yrs old, condition has slowly gotten worse with age. He would start pacing, panting and drooling, becoming total unglued as the thunder would start. Our veterinary gave him Trazadone. This worked but, we then had zombie dog. His eye would droop looking bloodshot, he would lay on his bed barely coherent. Then the worse side-effect would hit, looking like an asthma attack or a reverse sneeze, he would be grasping to catch his breath. This terrible side-effect would continue for the next 12hours. It was very disturbing. When we discovered CBD Dog treats it was like having a new dog. We quickly learned to give him the CBD Pet tincture as soon as we knew a storm was coming. Doing this has kept him calm during storms without all the side-effects. What a difference. Being a fairly large dog, we learned the Pet Drops and Tincture are the best choice for dosing. The Treats work well but, are not as cost effective.

Tinctures and drops are normally dose around 1 to 5 mg per 10pounds. When giving your pet CBD products it would be advised to monitor their behavior and adjust the dose according. As with people, it is recommend to start Low and go Slow. Each pet’s reaction will be individual to their needs. Pets that are dealing with pain or an acute situation may need a more frequent dosing, while other may only need a daily dosing.

There are a wide variety of pet products on the market. Treats, Drops, Tinctures other types of products are Shampoo, Ear Drops and Nano-mist Spray

Here’s a listed of some of common uses for CBD in pets can be:

Arthritis Pain and discomfort
Seizure Disorders
Pain associated with Cancer
Anxiety from Thunder storms & loud noises, Car rides, and Separation.
Loss of Appetite, Nausea, grumpiness and aggression.

Hemp CBD for Anxiety – What is the best delivery method?

Hemp Oil derived CBD could be an effective treatment for anxiety. Most current research has come from short-term human studies and user testimonials. About 40 million American suffer from some from of Anxiety. Anxiety can lead to Panic attacks and a variety of other mental health issues. There has been positive results using CBD’s to help manage this condition. The reason CBD is helpful in treating the condition is it reacts with serotonin receptors in the brain.

There are many methods available to use CBD, including oils, tinctures, lotions, edibles and vapes. No one type works best in every situation, and it will depend on the condition and person using it.

Vaping (inhaling) CBD has had positive results for anxiety. The quick absorption into the lungs provides CBD to the endocannabinoid system very effectively. This direct contact allows nearly four times as much CBD into the Endocannabinoid system for strong fast relief. There are always concerns when vaping any oil due to any potential harmful chemicals which may be in the liquids of the vape. A high quality vape product is necessary for this delivery system.

CBD tinctures are best when applied under the tongue. The reason for the success of this method being the quick absorption of the CBD in the small capillaries located under the tongue. This type of administration can be very precisely measured one drop at a time. The taste of the tincture can be a slight turnoff to some users. Manufactures have additives such as peppermint oil to make these products more appealing. The success rate has been very good with CBD oil tinctures.

Edibles as a delivery system is popular as it is simple and tastes good too. It eliminates individual dosing, as each edible is infused with CBD. People who are concerned with the appearance of vaping or taste of placing drops under their tongue. Since the CBD is ingested, the delivery time of relief is slower and usually not as effective as vaping or tinctures.